Sky Hunter

Recordings for Chinese feature film “Sky Hunter”, starring Bingbing Fan and Chen Li, directed by Chen Li, produced by Chun Qiu Shi Dai, with executive music producer Hans Zimmer.

Composer: Andrew Kawczynski
Music Editor & Supervisor: Fei Yu
Orchestrator: Òscar Senén
Assistant to Mr. Kawczynski: Michael-Alexander Brandstetter
Coordinator Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh

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Scoring Engineer: Bernd Mazagg
Pro Tools Operator: Martin Weismayr
Monitoring Engineer: Jörg Mayr
Technichal Manager: Jan Geertsema

Conductor: Johannes Vogel
Concertmaster: Dimitrie Leivici
Contractor Synchron Stage Orchester: Christian Buchmann
Behind The Scenes Camera: Johannes Winkler