Based around SSL Duality Delta consoles in Control Rooms A and B, Synchron Stage Vienna accommodates traditional and progressive hybrid approaches to pre-production, large-scale recording in several rooms, editing and mixing.

To achieve the goal of total flexibility without compromising audio quality, a high-capacity, redundant DANTE network connects every room to every other room, so that every audio channel is available anywhere in the facility. The network is able to operate at 192kHz throughout, with the ability to incorporate lower sample rates as required.

A total of 35 SSL Network I/O MADI-Bridge units and 22 Alpha-Link MX audio converters are deployed in the system. All A/D and D/A conversion into and out of the Duality consoles uses SSL Alpha-Link I/O units. Each Alpha-Link pair (Duality channel outputs and monitor inputs, and bus outputs and returns) is connected to an SSL MADI-Bridge, which does the redundant bridging and (where necessary) sample rate conversion to and from the Dante I/P network.

MADI-Bridges and nine SSL Delta-Link MADI HD Pro Tools interfaces are also used for five Pro Tools workstations running at various sample rates, connected to, and fed from, the Dante network.

A complete trip through the system – from a microphone on the main stage, A/D (Alpha-Link), MADI-Dante Bridging onto the network and then a monitoring return through another MADI-Bridge, through the SSL L500 console to analog monitoring at musicians’ headphones takes less than 0.7ms (at 192kHz).

Dante Network