Our highly qualified and experienced staff members are known for their great team spirit, out-of-the-box thinking and their Austrian "Schmäh" (a specific sense of humour). These are the qualities the team members of the Vienna Symphonic Library, and now Synchron Stage Vienna, are well known for. For more than 15 years, excellent musicians and engineers formed a powerful squad that tackles the full scope of duties such as audio engineering, mixing, audio editing, Pro Tools operating, music preparation, instrument service, and much more. From booking to stage hands – more than 30 experienced staff members are available in the facility at all times.


Herb Tucmandl

Bernd Mazagg

Bernd Mazagg  (IMDb)
Technical Director &
Chief Recording Engineer


Martin Weismayr (IMDb)
Recording Engineer &
Pro Tools Operator

Johannes Vogel

Johannes Vogel (IMDb)
Art Director &
Principal Conductor

Roland Tscherne

Roland Tscherne
Technical Manager


Florian Herzog
Assistant Technical Manager

Tristan Linton

Tristan Linton
Pro Tools Operator


Martin Pauser
Pro Tools Operator


Marton Barka
Contractor (BM Art Production)
Synchron Stage Orchestra


Sabine Tucmandl
Sales Manager


Stefan Steinbauer
Sales Manager


Josy Svajda
Sales Manager


Stefan Höll
Head of Music Prep


Sugi Shin
Music Prep


Alexander Machat
Corporate Communication


Martin Tichy
Marketing Manager

Music Preparation

For music prep services, Synchron Stage Vienna also collaborates with Vienna Music Angels. The company was founded by Sandra Tomek, CEO of the film music gala “Hollywood in Vienna”. She oversees a team of about 20 composers, conductors and instrumentalists trained at the Vienna University of Music. Her team has worked with Hollywood composers such as James Horner, James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri and many more, gaining experience and utmost flexibility and diligence in all kinds of music prep services for the Vienna concerts as well as for international concert productions. Vienna Music Angels offer score preparation, parts and score printing, proofreading, MIDI transcriptions, audio takedowns, orchestrations and mock-ups. Vienna Music Angels can be reached at