Synchron Stage Vienna offers several pianos and an entire arsenal of drums and percussion instruments. All instruments are stored in air-conditioned rooms with a climate identical to that in the recording stages [download list].

Drums & Percussion

Our huge selection of drums and percussion instruments is available for rent. All instruments are owned by and stored at Synchron Stage Vienna, so there’s no transportation cost and the instruments are maintained and always available in perfect condition.


Timpani 32"
Adams Philharmonic Light

Timpani 20"
Adams Philharmonic Light

Timpani 29"
Adams Philharmonic Light

Timpani 26"
Adams Philharmonic Light

Timpani 23"
Adams Philharmonic Light

Bass Drums and Toms

Bass Drum
Kolberg Dicke Bertha 36"

Bass Drum
Lefima BD 219 28"x23"

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9016

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9012

Roto Toms
(6 Toms 6"-16" -> G2-B4)

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9015

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9010

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9014

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9008

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9013

Concert Tom
Yamaha CT-9006


Odaiko Simonsen 53"

Taiko 13"

Taiko 36"

Taiko 12"

Taiko 26"

Taiko 8" (2 pcs on one stand)

Taiko 20"


Field Drum Kolberg
16" x 16" common birch

Field Drum 
Aural 14" x 13"

Marching Snare
Yamaha MS-9314

Snare Drum
Kolberg 14" x 6.5" copper

Piccolo Drum
Kolberg Copper 13" x 3.5"

Snare Drum Kolberg
Rosewood 14" x 6.5"

Pearl 10" x 6"

Snare Drum
Aural 14" x 5" Nut

Snare Drum
Yamaha GSR-1450 14"x5"

Other Drums

Kolberg C3-F4

Congas Meinl Professional
Quinto, Conga, Tumba

Kolberg 2030 DW

Surdo Meinl
Contemporanea 22" x 60cm

Meinl FWB400NT

Lefima 2091-A

Surdo Meinl
Contemporanea 20" x 60cm


Surdo Meinl
Contemporanea 18" x 55cm

Mridangam (Original Indian)


Splash Cymbal
Zildjian Avedis 12"

Splash Cymbal
Zildjian Avedis 10"

Splash Cymbal
Zildjian Avedis 8"

Suspended Cymbal
Zildjian K 18"

Suspended Cymbal
Zildjian K 18" + Sizzle

Suspended Cymbal
Zildjian K 16"

Piatti Meinl Symphonic
Extra Heavy 22"

Piatti Zildjian Concert 20"

Piatti Zildjian Symphonic
French 18"

Piatti Zildjian Classic
Medium Heavy 16"


Tam-tam Wuhan 120 cm

Tam-tam Wuhan Flat 90 cm

Tam-tam Wuhan 100 cm

Tam-tam Wuhan Flat 70 cm

Tam-tam Wuhan 80 cm

Tam-tam Wuhan Flat 50 cm

Burma gongs low C2-B3

Burma gongs high C4-C6

China gongs (Glissando
gongs) going down (2 pcs)

China gongs (Glissando
gongs) going up (5 pcs)


Plate Bells low (C2-B4)

Plate Bells high (C5-C7)

Hand Bells (F5-F7)

Cencerros (Almglocken)
low (F3-B3)

Cencerros (Almglocken)
high (C4-F6)

Temple Bells (3 pcs)

Rin bells (G5-G6)

Meinl 1305L (large)

Meinl 1303L (medium)

Meinl 1301L (small)

Agogo bells (1 pair)

Bell tree


Bergerault BE-CAP12 (C6-C8)

Marimba Adams
Alpha MAHA50 (C2-C7)

Xylophone Adams Artist
Alpha 2XFA1HR40AHA (C4-C8)

Vibraphone Musser M55

Yamaha 2500 (C5-E8)

Celesta Kolberg (C3-F8)

Wood percussion pitched

Wood blocks
Kolberg (5 pcs)

Temple Blocks
Original Chinese (5 pcs)

Temple Blocks Chromatic
Kolberg (C5-C6)

Slit drum (Log drum)

Castanets large

Castanets medium

Castanets small

Handle castanets

Claves low

Claves medium

Claves high

Wood percussion unpitched

Ratchet large

Ratchet medium

Ratchet small

Slapstick large

Slapstick medium

Slapstick small

Guiro Bamboo large

Guiro Bamboo small

Guiro Wood

Sandpaper Blocks

Vibraslap large

Vibraslap medium


Triangle Steel 30 cm

Triangle Steel 25 cm

Triangle Steel 21 cm

Triangle Steel 17 cm

Triangle Steel 14 cm

Triangle Bronze 30 cm

Triangle Bronze 14 cm

Triangle Baroque 25 cm

Triangle Baroque 21 cm

Triangle Baroque 17 cm

Triangle Serrated 30 cm

Triangle Serrated 25 cm

Triangle Serrated 21 cm

Metal percussion

Thunder sheet large

Thunder sheet medium

Antique Cymbals Oriental

Antique Cymbals Asian

Jingle bells (on stick)

Jingle bells (sleigh bells)

Jingle ring large

Jingle ring small

Flexatone large

Flexatone small

Anvils (4 pcs)

Wind chimes
LP 626 Lu Bar Chimes

Wind chimes LP 513 
Studio Series Bar Chimes

Wind chimes
Meinl CH66HF Chimes

Key tree

Shakers and Rattles

Shekere Pearl PSK-60 FC

Shaker tube large

Shaker tube medium

Shaker tube small

Shaker eggs


Maracas medium

Maracas small

Maracas metal

Cabasa large

Cabasa small

Birdcalls, Flutes, and Whistles

Birdcall Duck

Birdcall Crow

Birdcall Cuckoo

Birdcall Nightingale

Birdcall Pigeon


Slide flute X-large

Slide flute large

Slide flute small

Steamship whistle large

Steamship whistle small

Two-tone whistle

Police whistle

Bosun's pipe

Wind effect

Samba whistle

Large whistle

Small whistle

Warning horn

Siren horn

Miscellaneous percussion

Wind machine

Car horns (F4-F5)

Waldteufel medium

Waldteufel small

Lion’s roar