Synchron Stage Vienna offers several pianos and an entire arsenal of drums and percussion instruments. All instruments are stored in air-conditioned rooms where the climate is identical to the recording stages so they are ready for use in a session at all times. [download list]


Piano Storage
  • Bösendorfer Imperial 290
    with CEUS Performance Reproducing System

  • Steinway D-274

  • Yamaha Disklavier CFX EN PRO

  • Blüthner Grand Piano
    (1894, refurbished), located in the Composer's Lounge

  • Stingl Concert Grand
    (refurbished), located in the VIP Room

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Synchron Stage Vienna invited Stefan Mendl, highly acclaimed pianist and founding member of the Vienna Piano Trio, to play and explore three of the most famous concert grands on Stage A. Our instruments, a Bösendorfer Imperial 290, a Steinway 274 and a Yamaha CFX, were recorded under the same conditions to provide comparable results. Using three different piano pieces as examples he describes the differences and advantages of each instrument. No EQs or dynamics were added during mixing.

Featured pieces:
Franz Liszt, Sonata in B-minor / Maurice Ravel, Gaspard de la nuit / Frédéric Chopin, Ballade No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52

Drums & Percussion Instruments

Our huge selection of drums and percussion instruments is available for rent. All instruments are owned by and stored at Synchron Stage Vienna, so there’s no transportation cost and the instruments are maintained and always available in perfect condition.

Percussion Instruments
TimpaniAdams5 Philharmonic Light
Bass Drum (large)KolbergDicke Bertha 36" Common beech
Bass DrumLefimaBD 219 28"x23"
TaikosKolberg10 Taikos: 36", 26", 20", 18", 16", 15", 13", 12", 2 x 8"
Odaiko (Big Taiko)Simonsen53"
Snare Drum 1Aural14 x 5" Nut, wood hoops, double strainer, calfskin
Snare Drum 2YamahaGSR-1450 (14"x5")
Snare Drum 3Kolberg14" x 6.5" copper with "Piano-Forte" system
Snare Drum 4Kolberg"Piano-Forte" Rosewood 14"x6.5"
Piccolo DrumKolbergCopper 13"x3,5"
TarolePearl10" x 6" Piccolo Wooden Snare
Field Drum 1Kolberg16"x16" common birch, plastic drumhead
Field Drum 2AuralNur 14x13", wood hoops, double strainer, calfskin
Marching SnareYamahaMS-9314. REMO White Max skin, Falam snare side
Concert TomsYamaha8 Toms CT-9000 series (6"-16")
Roto TomsKolberg6 Toms 6"-16"
Boo-BamsKolbergC3-F4 chromatic
Surdo DrumsMeinl3 pcs. medium to large
CongasMeinlProfessional Quinto, Conga, Tumba
MridangamOriginal IndianClassical Indian drum to be played on two sides
Tamburine 1Kolberg2030 DW
Tamburine 2Lefima2091-A
Splash CymbalZildjian3 pcs Avedis (8"-12")
Piatti 1ZildjianSymphonic French 18"
Piatti 2ZildjianClassic Medium Heavy 16"
Piatti 3ZildjianConcert 20"
Piatti 4MeinlSymphonic Extra Heavy 22"
Susp. CymbalsZildjian16" and 18"
Antique CymbalsKolberg1 Oriental, 1 Asian Pair
TamtamsWuhan3 Original + 3 flat (80-120; 50-90 cm)
China-GongsKolberg5 pcs (Peking opera gongs)
Tubular BellsBergeraultC25 (F4-F6)
Plate BellsKolbergC2-C7
Hand BellsKolberg25 pcs. F5-F7 chromatic
Temple BellsKolberg3 Temple bells, 13 Rin gongs
CowbellsMeinl1301L, 1303L, 1305L
MarimbaAdamsAlpha MAHA50 (C2-C7)
XylophoneAdamsArtist Alpha 2XFA1HR40AHA (C4-C8)
GlockenspielYamaha2500 (C5-E8)
CrotalesBergeraultBE-CAP12 (C6-C8) with damper pedal
Wood blocksKolberg5 pcs
Temple blocksKolbergC5-C6 chromatic
Temple blocksOriginal Chinese5 pcs
TriangleKolberg13 pcs
Thunder sheetsKolberg2 pcs
Wind machineKolberg1 piece
RatchetsKolberg3 pcs
Car hornsKolberg13 pcs
CastanetsKolberg4 Pairs
SlapsticksKolberg3 pcs
GuirosKolberg3 pcs
Agogo bellsKolberg
VibraslapKolberg2 pcs
Bell treeKolberg
Jingle bellsKolberg
Jingle ringKolberg2 pcs
FlexatoneKolberg2 pcs
AnvilKolberg4 pcs
WaldteufelKolberg2 pcs.
Wind chimesLP; MeinlLP 626 Lu Bar Chimes; LP 513 Studio Series Bar Chimes; Meinl CH66HF Chimes
RainmakerKolberg100 cm (39.37")
Lion’s roarKolberg14" suspended
Bird whistlesKolberg6 pcs
Flutes, whistlesKolberg13 pcs
SirenKolberg2 pcs
Slit drumKolbergc1/e1
ShekerePearlPSK-60 FC
ShakerKolberg3 pairs of Maracas + 4 Shakers + 2 Cabasas
ClavesKolberg2 pairs
Mallets & SticksKolbergExtensive arsenal