Synchron Stage Choir

The best scoring stage in the world sounds only as good as those musicians who are invited to record in the hall.
With the Synchron Stage Choir, highly professional and experienced session singers are at your disposal.

Efficient and Versatile

Countless projects have shaped the Synchron Stage Choir into a homogeneous body of sound that sings compositions with the highest efficiency. Under the expert direction of Gottfried Rabl and Michal Juraszek, various styles are implemented with great proficiency. In addition to English, German, and Latin, the accomplished singers can also handle fantasy languages. For the Amazon Prime series "Rings of Power" they sang in the elven language "Quenya" as well as the dwarven language "Khuzdul".

Flexible and Professional

Variable Group Sizes:
All vocal registers from C to c''' are covered by the trained professional musicians of the Synchron Stage Choir. Each singer has excellent control of all technical aspects of the human voice. Groups can be variably arranged as needed for all vocal ranges, vocal colors, and styles.

Special Scorings:
Does your score require special timbres or an unusual range?
We are happy to organize unique combinations, such as our basso profundo ensemble. This group comprises very low basses with a range up to the Ab in the contraoctave.

Solo Voices:
From angelic to dramatic operatic singing, all shades are offered by our soloists.

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The Synchron Stage Choir has a wealth of experience in international productions. Companies like Disney+ (Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special), Netflix (Over the Moon) and Amazon Prime (The Rings of Power) treasure the overtone-rich vocals without vibrato and book them regularly for productions. The choir has even recorded its own sound library as part of the Big Bang Orchestra for the Vienna Symphonic Library.

Project Selection

Please find more details about their projects on IMDb.