American Fiction

"Every moment of music that I have recorded in Vienna at the Synchron stage has been beautifully played and recorded. I have done a number of action-based scores there, and very much changed tone for American Fiction. These wonderful musicians perfectly captured heartfelt emotion, romance, and cool jazz ranging from mixed-meter grooves to smooth Bossa nova. Thank you again for your glorious playing!" -Laura Karpman

Directed by Cord Jefferson
Composer: Laura Karpman
Conductor: Bernhard Melbye Voss
Concertmaster: Marina Dimitrova
Score performed by: Synchron Stage Orchestra
Contractor: Marton Barka
Scoring Engineer: Tristan Linton
ProTools Operator: Martin Pauser
Music Prep: Stefan Höll
On-Site Librarian: Sugi Shin
Technical Manager: Roland Tscherne
Monitor Engineer: Stephan Huber
Project Coordinator: Elisabeth Houser

Laura Karpman, Composer

Laura Karpman, Composer (© Amanda Whitt)

American Fiction Projektteam

L to R: Pauser, Linton, Barka, Dimitrova, Melbye Voss

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