Hidden Harmonies

Overlooked Music Of Women Composers

Hidden Harmonies seeks to raise public awareness of the unknown or little-known  historical works of female composers who were from or affiliated with Austria. Before now, this musical corpus has been performed – if at all – exclusively in small circles and is therefore not rooted in our collective musical memory. For the first time, these uncelebrated works are taking center stage.

Hidden Harmonies unearths a treasure trove of forgotten works by female composers, granting everyone the access to experience it.    Advancing into forgotten sound terrain, the project restores precious works once lost to the music world and, by so doing, enriches   our musical legacy and makes it a little more complete. 

So far, we have accomplished this bold undertaking using our own resources, but our hope is that, once started, others will take up the torch and it will start to spread . There are still countless untapped treasures – orchestral compositions most of all – waiting to be discovered and performed.


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